Christina Carlyle | Workout Sins and Solutions: Stop Sinning, Start Winning
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Workout Sins and Solutions: Stop Sinning, Start Winning

workout sins and solutions exercise do's and don'ts christina carlyle

19 Jun Workout Sins and Solutions: Stop Sinning, Start Winning

SIN:  “Winging it” 

WHY?  If you don’t know where you want to be or how you’re going to get there – then how can you?  You can’t aim properly when you don’t know where your target is!

SOLUTION:  Have clear goal and action plan in place.  Then Act!  Monitor your results with the 6 tracking methods and record your progress to make sure you are making progress.

SIN:  Not Changing Your Workouts

WHY? Over time your body can and will adapt to the exercises you do.

SOLUTION:  Each time you work out; increase the duration and/or the intensity of your workouts slightly.  Rotate and do different exercises, for each muscle group, every 4 weeks.

SIN:  Doing Too Much Too Soon

WHY?  Incorporating too many new changes too quickly into your life may cause overwhelm, stress, possible injury, and ultimately crash your computer!

SOLUTION:  Listen to your body!  Start with a schedule that is realistic for your experience level.  If you’re stressed, reevaluate and readjust the situation.  Weight loss is a journey not a race.  Adjust the frequency, duration, and intensity as you get stronger.

SIN:  Skipping Workouts – Having an All or Nothing Attitude

WHY?  You can’t be perfect 100% of the time.  ‘Life’ happens!  Things come up and that’s ok.

SOLUTION:  Act positively!  Do what you can.  When? Now!  You may not have the chance to work out according to your schedule.  If you have the opportunity to squeeze in a small workout do it!  Anything is better than nothing!  10 minutes is IT’S SOMETHING!  If you’re sick take the time your body needs to heal.  Look to your body for clues about how you should resume your training.  If you’re still coughing and sneezing, wait a day or two.  If you’re ready to workout but still feel that your energy is low, do low impact cardio and low intensity.  Gradually increase duration and intensity, as you feel better.

SIN:  Not Getting Enough Sleep

WHY?  Sleep is critical to recharging your batteries and preventing stress.  If you consistently do not get enough you will be stressed, which may trigger the release of Cortisol.  Lack of sleep also causes low energy levels throughout the day.  Low energy may affect your motivation and workouts.

SOLUTION:  Avoid stimulants and caffeine after 2 pm.  Don’t exercise 4 hours prior to your desired bedtime.  If you’re having problems going to sleep, remember the only time you can truly do anything is now.  The only thing you have to do in bed is sleep.

SIN:  Focusing on Strengths, Favorite Exercises, and Favorite Body Parts – Neglecting Weaknesses and Dislikes

WHY?  You cannot spot train fat loss.  All of your muscles need to be trained to maximize your fat loss potential.

SOLUTION:  Break up the muscle groups into sections and exercise according to your Training Schedule.

SIN:  Not Wearing the Right Shoes

WHY:  Wearing proper athletic shoes during exercise prevents injury and stress to your joints and feet.

SOLUTION:  You should have at least one good pair of sneakers that fit well, provide proper support and cushioning.  Your sneakers should be broken in, but not worn down.  I recommend replacing your training shoes at least once a year.

SIN:  Doing Mostly Isolation Exercises

WHY?  You are not maximizing your calories burning potential!

SOLUTION:  Add a few compound exercises to your weight-training program to target more muscle groups at the same time and increase the calorie burn.

SIN:  Not Using Proper Form – Swinging Weights 

WHY?  You increase the potential for injury.  Plus, swinging uses momentum to move the weight, not your muscles.

SOLUTION:  Always perform weight-training exercises slowly and control the movement.  Only allow your muscles to do the work.

SIN:  Holding Your Breath

WHY?  Holding your breath – cuts off your oxygen supply.

SOLUTION:  Always breathe regularly throughout your workout.  During a concentric (hard) contraction, take at least 2 to 3 seconds to move from the starting position to the fully contracted point at the climax of the movement.  The eccentric (easy) contraction should be slightly longer.  Lowering the weight to the starting position should take at least 3 to 4 seconds.

SIN:  Only Doing Cardio

WHY?  Yes, cardio will burn calories and fat but only during the exercise.  But, our goal is to burn as much fat as possible!

SOLUTION:  Doing anaerobic, weight-training exercises in addition to cardio will ensure that you burn more fat and calories.  Anaerobic exercise burns continues to burn calories after the exercise is over.

SIN:  Making Excuses

WHY?  You’re cheating yourself with stinkin’ thinkin.’ Excuses are comfortable enemies that justify negative behaviors.  If you want something different for your life, then you must be willing to do things differently!

SOLUTION:  Challenge your excuses by asking them ‘How’ questions.  Find reasons to discredit this form of stinkin’ thinkin’ and take positive action that will help you.

SIN:  Comparing Yourself to Others

WHY?  We were not made from cookie cutters!  We lose and gain fat differently because all have our own unique genetic makeup.  Everyone has a distinct body type and shape.

SOLUTION:  Do not waste energy comparing yourself to someone you are not. Accept yourself for who you are!  Be aware of how your body is, then tailor your approach to best suit your needs, preferences, and goals.  Take positive action!

SIN:  Overestimating Calorie Burn

WHY?  When you overestimate calorie burn, the true margin of your deficit is not as big as you have assumed.  You will not lose weight as quickly as you think you will either.  If you’re sensitive to the scale then pay attention to your food journal and tracking methods.  Thinking that you’ve burned more calories may cause you to overeat decreasing the deficit even more.

SOLUTION:  Keep an exercise log and track the type, intensity, and duration of each workout.  Use the calories burned on the machine and an Internet search if you’ve worked out outside or home.  Consistent exercise is one of the best ways to lose weight and keep it off.  It’s hard to lose body fat through exercise alone especially if you think you’re burning more calories than you really are.  Don’t forget to track your calorie intake with your food journal.


SIN:  Doing too Much Cardio

WHY?  If you set a baseline at high levels of cardio, your body will eventually adapt and plateau.  When you are trying to lose weight a plateau is that last thing you want!  Over time your body will expect frequent, long duration, cardio sessions to maintain its weight.  The only way you’d be able to lose weight would be to 1) exercise more or 2) to reduce your calorie intake.

SOLUTION:  Only work out, as long as you have to, to get results.  As soon as you stop seeing your body change, you will have to adapt your workout.  Adjust the intensity and frequency before you increase the duration of your cardio work.  Never do more than 60 minutes of cardio per session.

SIN:  All Quantity, No Quality

WHY?  Wandering aimlessly around a gym, walking leisurely on a treadmill, and lifting light weights will not get you the best results possible.

SOLUTION:  Don’t just go through the motions – WORK!  If you’re still pretty when you’re done, you didn’t do it right.  Focus and follow through.  You can get better results in less time, by working efficiently.  Work smarter, not Harder with my 1-4-3 Love your Body workout.  Sign up in the box below and you’ll get your copy plus a free video training series.

It works, if you work it!







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