Christina Carlyle | Why I Wrote the Abs are Made in the Kitchen Cookbook
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Why I Wrote the Abs are Made in the Kitchen Cookbook

The-Story-Behind-the-Bestselling-Abs-are-Made-in-the-Kitchen-Cookbook Christina Carlyle

14 Mar Why I Wrote the Abs are Made in the Kitchen Cookbook

Do you Diet but Aren’t Losing Weight?  Do you Love Food and Hate Exercise?  I do!  I wanted to find a way to eat however I wanted and still get the body I had always dreamed of.  I wanted to find a way that I could eat for abs… and I did.

This is the Story Behind my Bestselling Abs are Made in the Kitchen Cookbook

I used to spend hours in the gym, day dreaming about pasta and bread I thought I could never eat again… but even though I was working my butt off, my butt wasn’t shrinking.  I was exercising and “dieting” but I didn’t look like it!  Every see an overweight trainer or aerobics instructor?  I was one of them!  Because I didn’t know about food…

That was years ago, before I went all-out obsessed with finding a way to eat-like-a-fat-girl, but look like a cover girl…  I’ve cracked the code on how to eat to lose fat fast, when I learned how to combine nutrients to turn my body into a fat burning furnace.  I lost my weight after I figured out the tricks and secrets to eating for Abs.  I lost 30 pounds in 60 days…  apparently Abs (REALLY) are Made in the Kitchen.

That’s when my career started… because the ladies I used to see and the gym kept asking me “how the hell did you do that?”  

This journey started 7 years ago… I became a nutritionist in the process.  It took years to thousands of dollars (and hours!) to learn everything I know to transform and sculpt ANY BODY’s BODY with food to get the best possible results, in the least amount of time.

The difference between winning and losing the fight against fat comes down to food.  Once I discovered how to master my metabolism I was surprised that I couldn’t find recipes that would boost my metabolism and tasted great.  I love food!  The recipes I found tasted like cardboard!    No flavor.  No satisfaction.  No bueno.

As a nutritionist, I knew that what I was eating would transform my body, but I was disappointed because  I felt like I was on a diet.  I felt like I was eating just to eat.  I didn’t enjoy it.

I searched everywhere to find recipes with the nutrients I needed and tasted good.  I couldn’t find any anywhere.  Every. Single. Recipe. I found had issues.

I don’t want to make pancakes out of protein powder dammit!

The 4 Problems I Found with other Recipes and Cookbooks

They use ingredients that cause your body to store fat! ’Diet’ cookbooks typically have recipes using ingredients that trigger your body to store fat.  I was shocked to find diet ‘gurus’ making recipes full of ingredients that actually provoke your body to store fat.  Dairy, fruit, meat, pasta, and potatoes do not play well together!  They can create fat, fast!  Where are the ‘healthy’ recipes that REALLY fight fat?

They tasted like “Diet” food!  I wanted to lose fat, craving food… not dreading it.  Dry chicken breast and protein powder pancakes aren’t cute.  I don’t wanna suck on a piece of lettuce when everyone else is eating pasta and pizza!  How can you make a fat-fighting meal that tastes great??  

There weren’t Options!  Your body is an excellent adapter with exercise and food… so eating the same ‘diet’ foods over and over, your body will adapt and weight loss will plateau.  So many ‘diet’ recipes were the same thing over and over again… Chicken + Vegetables… Salads…. Egg Whites… Oatmeal…  Eat this or else…  BLAH!  I’d be off those kind of ‘diets’ in a day….  What if you hate Chicken?  What if you’re a Vegetarian?  What if you’re allergic to something??    So many cookbooks had ingredients full of things I was allergic to.  How can you enjoy the things you like or swap out the things you don’t…and lose weight?

They don’t teach you How to Eat for Abs!  Diet cookbooks are just a collection of recipes. You just make whatever recipe you choose.  But, that is NOT going to make you burn fat faster!   How can I make my Abs in the Kitchen?  

I knew there had to be a Solution

That’s when I called my friend Bryce… who just so happened to be a Professional Cook… but that was years ago.  I learned a lot about flavor combinations and cooking technique… and how to make delicious Metabolic Meals taste good… but I wanted to eat meals that taste GREAT.

My mission evolved… how can you to make a Gourmet Metabolic Meal...

I figured I should probably start cozying up to the best chef in town, so about a year ago, I got a job cocktail waitressing at the best, most expensive, exclusive restaurant I could find…  but I didn’t know how to serve and I knew this particular restaurant only hires experienced servers…  so I had to work my way up.  First, 6 months at a high volume bar/restaurant… followed by 6 months at a 4 star fine dining restaurant… which enabled me to get hired on the spot at THE BEST 5 star restaurant in town… where I got a crash course in gourmet meal making…

This entire time, I used what I was learning and making, tweaking, and retesting recipes on myself… becoming my own taste-tester Skinny-Pig.

When they were perfect, I started cooking them for family, friends, co-workers, boys… potential mother-in-laws…  I’d bring my dishes to parties.  They were always a big hit… like Hey-Don’t-Lick-My-Tupperware kind of hit!

That’s when I put all of my recipes together, all 220+ of them… and created the Abs are Made in the Kitchen CookbookTM

Why?  Cause that’s what I do!  I find solutions and shortcuts to Slim Down Success… and because I have to!  I’m your weight loss wing-woman!  Because I talk the talk I walk.  But mostly because I’m your biggest cheerleader…  I know how bad it sucks to be frustrated trying to transform your body.  Everything I do, I’ve done, and now I want to help you do it too.   Because I love doing a happy dance when someone tells me they learned it, they lived it and now they’re loving their results.  That’s why why my journey won’t ever end…

Because I care that much… and I’m not leaving anyone behind, stuck and sad because they’re doing everything ‘right’ but they aren’t getting the results they want and deserve.

CC - The Story behind how Author Christina Carlyle created over 200 chef inspired recipes for the bestselling Abs are Made in the Kitchen Cookbook. copy

Isn’t that how your very own personal trainer, nutritionist, and cheerleader should be?!?


I *&$(*#$ing PROMISE) you don’t fight 7 years… alone…  for nothing…  you do it because you believe there is a better way and when you find it… and it works, by God YOU SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD.

I personally guarantee taste great, are easy to make, and contain ingredients scientifically proven maximize the metabolism.

The Abs are Made in the Kitchen Cookbook TM is a cookbook that doesn’t just give you recipes… It shows you how to fight fat with food… after you learn how to eat, them I show you what to eat, and ways you can change the recipes in case you have an allergy, dietary restriction, if you’re vegan, or simply don’t like something.

Nothing overly ambitious here!  You won’t have to throw out everything in your fridge.  I guide you step-by-step through how to master your metabolism using food, solving every problem I had encountered with other recipes.

I know experience from making meal plans for hundreds of people that everyone likes different things and have to fight fat with food different ways.  So that’s why I share only the basics of food fat fighting that work for EVERYONE.

That’s also why there’s lots of variety. There are over 200+ recipes so your body won’t have a chance to get used to anything…  Plus, contain the best combinations of fat fighting ingredients so your metabolism will burn 24/7.  Plus they taste great.

You will crave these recipes.  That means you’ll know how to eat, know what to eat, and WANT to eat healthy.  This isn’t just another ‘Diet’ Cookbook…  It’s a Dining Guide that shows you How to Eat for Abs!

Every dish is full of expertly paired flavor combinations that are fresh, delicious and lick-your-plate good.

If your diet has disappointed you time and time again…  If you bought supplements or shakes but didn’t get the results you were promised…Instead of wasting another minute thinking there’s a magic pill or shake that will take the weight off then this is the (cook) book you’ve been waiting for.