Christina Carlyle | Should I do weights or cardio first when I workout?
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Should I do weights or cardio first when I workout?

should-I-do-cardio-or-weight-training-first christina carlyle

18 Jun Should I do weights or cardio first when I workout?

Do you Like Dualsculpting? i.e. Doing Weight Training and Cardio in the same gym session?

If so, Giddy up! If not, Giddy up!

Cardio is a calorie killa! The best way to melt of the extra body fat stored in your tummy, thighs, and love handles.  Weight training builds lean metabolism maximizing muscle. So when it comes to working out you definitely need to do both cardio and weight training to get the best results.

What Should Come First, Cardio or Weight Training?

But when you decide to double down – during the same session, should weights or cardio come first when you workout?

This is an awesome question that I get asked a lot!

Weight Training should Come First, then Cardio

Here’s the answer:

1) Warm up
2) Weights
3) Cardio
4) Cool down

Dual-Sculpting-What-comes-first-weight-training-or-cardio christina carlyle

Why Weight Training Should Come Before Cardio

To burn fat your body needs to consume oxygen. This is only possible during cardio. The warm up also counts as low intensity cardio and will start the oxygen consumption process.

Weight training with little rest between sets keeps oxygen consumption going, plus you’re building metabolism maximizing muscle. Following your 143 weight training with cardio ensures your burning fat because by this time you’ve already used up the energy reserves from food that your body stored. Cardio after weights means you’re now burning body fat. Slow down the resistance/pace during the last 5-10 minutes to reduce your heart rate. It doubles as a nice break and cool down. Stretch light and you’re done! ¬†But wait… it’s easy to undo everything you’ve done if you eat!

Should you eat or exercise before you workout? Find out in this video.

It works, if you work it!!!!

High five rockstar!