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Snap, Crackle but Prevent the Pop

Snap-Crackle-but-prevent-the-pop christina carlyle

09 Oct Snap, Crackle but Prevent the Pop

I have a confession to make. This summer really kicked my butt. It started with a half cross-country move when I split all of my possessions between a storage unit and car and moved from Dallas back to Florida to take care of some personal family issues.

Less than 30 days in Florida and the guy who I thought was ‘The One’ died, unexpectedly, in his sleep, taking a nap before we were supposed to go out. : (

That was a realllllll kick in the crotch. Ever since I’ve been desperately trying to get my weight loss and wellness program up and running on my website.

HTML coding + stress + sad heart + while working full time =’s She’s gonna blow!

So I decided to lay low, take it slow, and prevent my inevitable meltdown. I spent much of September, getting clear, centered while quieting creating new blog posts, recipes, and videos for my YouTube channel. While I was working on maintaining my sanity while dealing with uber stressful and emotional stuff – other people started to flood my inbox with questions about how they can overcome their own emotional struggles, too. Which inspired me to create tons of healthy tips, recipes and advice to help people deal and manage stress and emotions in healthy ways so they can be happy, healthy and fit.

It’s funny how the universe works… Honestly, helping other people helped me stay sane and motivated. It’s nice knowing that I’m not alone, that other people are in the same boat, and that they like, trust and respect me enough to take the time to ask me for help. Helping you helps me! I’ve been there, I get it and I know how to take care of myself in ways that help me stay happy, healthy and fit, even when I’d rather stay on the couch, with the cookies, and the remote having my own Netflix-Marathon-Pity-Party. That’s also why I went on vacation, to rekindle my connections with friends and the city of Dallas…

Here are the Healthy tips, recipes and advice I’ve been creating lately, answering other people’s questions, to to help them deal with and manage stress and emotions in healthy ways that will help you be Happy, Healthy and Fit, while doing the same for myself.

The questions started with food. “How Can I End Emotional Eating?” Then booze… “How can I end Emotional Drinking?” I mean food, alcohol, cigarettes and coffee are number one best sellers in grocery stores for a reason…

Let’s be real, our go-to’s, quick fixes… the treats, the booze, the cigs, the coffee… cause the feel bad – eat/drink/tap out – feel worse – crave – gain weight – feel even worse – repeat cycle. Choosing and using unhealthy options to self-sooth is like putting a band-aide on you emotional bullet holes. Always choose, clean, natural foods and exercise to reduce stress. I regret working out – said no one ever.

Working on these topics triggered me to go a little crazy one afternoon, when I saw a “healthy” recipe floating around Facebook. It claimed it was “healthy” when in reality it was actually straight up terrible for you. I shared why ‘Healthy Recipes’ like this Make Me Crazy because their ingredients actually sabotage your weight loss and wellness goals. I break down the ways these recipes can actually make you even more emotional when you eat them – because they’re setting you up for failure while you’re innocently thinking you’re doing the right thing!

I remember falling for recipes like that… and staying stuck unhappy, unhealthy and far from fit. That’s what inspired me to write my Cookbook. That’s why I shared 5 of my own truly healthy veggie chip snack recipes and these clean pancake meal replacement recipes that double as a guilt-free sweet treat. That’s also why I shared my Tips on How to Stay on Track and Not Gain Weight while on Vacation.

All of my tips work – if you work them. You deserve the truth. You deserve Health, Happiness and to step on the scale and feel confident and secure. In case you don’t know – or haven’t heard this in a while, please know


That’s also why I do what I do. That’s why I’ll Never Stop Trying. I know life likes to throw its curveballs and kick you in the crotch. I know how frustrating it is to feel insecure in your own skin can suck and how your coping skill can keep you stuck. I also know how to fix it. These tips will help you cope with life stuff in healthy ways when you’re about to snap and crackle. They will prevent the pop. These tips, work if you work them.

You can undo everything that’s keeping you stressed, unhappy, and overweight really fast – naturally using food and exercise. If you want or need my help – and your very own, custom meal and exercise plan that can help you get Happy, Healthy and Fit fast, I’d love to help you! I’d be an honor, actually.  I know I can help you.   In case you don’t know – or haven’t heard this in a while, please know…


The links within these words contain links to the blog posts, videos and recipes I’ve been making behind the scenes. Feel free to check them out. I’d love to hear what you think about my advice too. Did it help you? Can you relate? Do you need to vent? Let me know by leaving a comment.[/vc_column_text]

P.S. I always share the latest stuff I make via my Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube. If you want the latest and greatest in real time, that’s the best way to get it. I don’t like sending too many emails.

Call me crazy but sometimes when I subscribe to other people’s blogs or newsletters – I get turned off by the constant barrage of lackluster updates and sales pitches. It’s a goal of mine to make my messages Love Letters – designed to connect with you – and educate, motivate and inspire you tons of tips created with love, blood, sweat and tears. I’d love to know what you truly want. Would you like to see more of me in your email inbox?