Christina Carlyle | How to Make your Own Cardio Circuit plus a Fun, Fat Burning Leg Workout
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How to Make your Own Cardio Circuit plus a Fun, Fat Burning Leg Workout

How to Make your Own Cardio Circuit workout christina carlyle

30 Jul How to Make your Own Cardio Circuit plus a Fun, Fat Burning Leg Workout

If you want to sculpt a tight tone body and burn a lot of fat, then this post is perfect for you.

Ever take an aerobics class and felt supercharged, like you did some serious work? What if I told you, that you can design your own workout routines and maximum your calorie burn, too? You can! It’s easy to have fun, while burning fat creating your own cardio training circuits, that you can do to your own music, anywhere.

There’s a formula behind it and I’m going to show you How you can Make your Own Cardio Circuit using same formula aerobic instructors use to create Step, Spin and Body Pump classes. Then I’ll demonstrate a Fun, Fat Burning Leg Cardio Circuit Workout that will have your legs burning… in a good way.

To sculpt tight, toned muscles, (instead of building bulky ones) you need to repeat an exercise for a lot of reps, without resting or using additional weight.

This is the opposite of Cross Fit in which you do reps, using max weight, turning timed trials.   Training this was can be quite dangerous because trying to moving quickly using a lot of weight opens you up to risk of serious injury.

  • If you use weight AND move quickly it’s harder to maintain proper
  • Proper form ensures results and prevents injury
  • Continuous movement, alternating between exercises in proper form will maximize your resultsI explain more and demonstrate in the video below. This killer Leg Cardio Circuit will sculpt your legs and boost your buns, getting you noticeable results in just 3 minutes a workout.

It seriously burns, so good!

Why the music you choose Matters and How to pick the perfect song

The first step when designing your own class-like workout is picking a song.  It’s important that you choose 4 songs that are between 3 to 4 minutes long, with a moderate tempo, for my workout I chose, Dark Horse by Katy Perry.  I like her post-divorce music more than her pre-Russell Brand stuff. Just sayin’

Your muscles will burn…because they’re being engaged nonstop without any rest.   Your muscles will burn… which is exactly what you want.  But, you’ll feel the urge to stop when it’s burning.  Your muscles will burn…because you’re not resting.

Alternating repetitions and sides will help overcome the burn while maximizing your heart rate, calorie burn and sculpting tight, toned metabolism maximizing muscle.

Choose 2 Exercises for each Song

How to Make your Own Cardio Circuit workout christina carlyle

You have to keep moving, so you want to choose exercises in the same muscle group, that work well together.   Also, you want to make sure your exercises match your song.

For my demo:  I choose lunges and a plié squat because it was easy to transition from exercise to exercise and both used the same muscles.   Also, because I could easily ride the beat to Dark Horse using a steady pace, while still maintaining proper form.

How to Make your Own Cardio Circuit workout christina carlyle

Some other exercise combinations that work well together are:

  • Bicep Curl, Hammer Curl
  • Deadlift, Bent Over Row
  • Crunch, Oblique Crunch
  • Triceps Kickback, Upright Row
  • Front Raises, Lateral Raises (arms)
  • Calf Lift pigeon-toed, Calf Lift duck-toed
Why Counts Count and How to use the to Burn more Calories

You need to choose how many reps you want to do.  I recommend sticking with less than 10 reps for a few reasons.  You’ll be repeating each exercise the entire length of the song, so it’s important that you alternate between sides and exercises, frequently to prevent burning out your muscles.  Right when you ‘feel the burn’ it’ll be time to change sides again.  This way you’ll be able to stick with it until the end of the song….  Try your best to keep moving until the song stops.

In my demo I chose a descending pyramid pattern…

8 to one side, 8 alternating singles
6 to one side, 6 alternating singles
4 to one side, 4 alternating singles
2 to one side, 2 alternating singles
Singles until the song is over

You can play with counts however you’d like.

If you wanted you could have done 10-8-6-4-2.
or did the counts in ascending order from, singles to 2-4-6-8

You can keep the counts the same the entire time, for example, 4 to the center, 4 alternating, 4 to the side, repeating this pattern until the song ends.

I recommend pairing the rep count to the beat/tempo of your song to make a cardio circuit more fun, because you’re moving with and to the music. This is the same formula used to create workouts for DVDs.

It’s so easy to create a cardio circuit workout on your own, to your favorite songs. Do you have a circuit suggestion or a song you like with the perfect tempo? I’d love to hear it! Please let em in the comments below.

It Works, if you Work it


Christina Carlyle