Christina Carlyle | How to Stop Self Sabotage, Overeating and Cheating
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How to Stop Self Sabotage, Overeating and Cheating


13 Nov How to Stop Self Sabotage, Overeating and Cheating

Have you found yourself excited (yet nervous) about a situation because you know you’re going to have fun… but you know there will be a lot of tempting treats around and you’re not 100% confident you’ll be able to resist. You want to lose weight, but now you’re worried you’ll get caught up, overeat – or cheat on your diet (or boyfriend Gym). When’s the last time you felt worried that you’d slip? When’s the last time you knew better but found yourself feeling ‘I can’t believe I ate the whole thing?’ Maybe it was a vacation, a party, or a trip home for the holidays.

Whenever it comes time to make the right choice a Voice in your head will start making suggestions. Sometimes you’re good… the Angel on your shoulder is cheering you on. Sometimes, you’re not, the Devil on your Shoulder is seducing you to self sabotage. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, or how much weight you want to lose (or keep off). You will always have an Angel and Devil competing for your choice. Listen to the Angel and you’ll feel good. Listen to the Devil and you’ll end up overeating or cheating on your diet and workout.


How to Stop Self Sabotage, Overeating and Cheating

How to Stop Self Sabotage

Different things can trigger you to react in different ways. Sometimes good… sometimes not so much… If you’re good, it easy and natural to know when to say ‘no thanks’, when to put down the fork… and when to pick it up. If you’re not good, you’ll feel it. It feels like you’re out of control… you know better, but… there’s a reason why you’re going wrong, when you know you should go right. If you find that you struggle with overeating and cheating on your diet during the holidays you’ll feel it. Deep down you’ll feel like you did wrong. It can leave you feeling like a failure.

No matter who you are or where you are, you will always be in situations in which you’ll have to deal with different people, places, and things, that have the ability to trigger you emotionally. When it comes to weight loss your feelings influence the choices you make. Your comfort zone, is your control zone. And when you’re triggered out of your comfort zone, and there’s food around… it can be a recipe for disaster. The Devil wants to dance with you.


]The Devil on your shoulder will try to get you to avoid eating healthy and exercise because it wants you to feel bad. The choices the Devil suggests have 2 nasty side effects: bad feelings and fat. The Devil is very sneaky. Sometimes it tricks you by justifying other actions that are positive and productive, too. They seem reasonable at the time, but they’re going to take you off course…

Me: It’s time to workout. Let’s do cardio and abs.
The Devil: Look! The dishes are dirty. You have to return those emails. Remember, you need to call the bank.
The Angel: The gym closes in 2 hours. If you do that other stuff we won’t make it. You can return those emails tonight.
The Devil: But you’re tired. You’ve already had a long day. You can take a walk later.
The Angel: We both know you will not be taking a walk later! You’ll watch TV before you take a walk! Just get it over with!
The Devil: We can start fresh tomorrow…


The ability to control your mind a is a HUGE piece of the weight loss puzzle. You can stop self sabotage with conscious practice ignoring your devil. Shine light on your Inner Angel and hook your Angel up with whatever she needs to stay on track. When you know how pinpoint what’s keeping you stuck and how your feelings and triggers affect your choices, you can start focusing on fixing it. When you’re able to deal with triggers and feelings without in healthy ways, you can (finally!) experience freedom from overeating and cheating on your diet and the gym.

When you know how to protect yourself before you wreck yourself, you can (finally!) stop self sabotage, overeating and cheating on your diet and workout. Leave me a comment on the blog post at the link below and let me know what you’re going to do to start listening to the right Voice and Making the Right Choice. You CAN do this!!

Practice makes perfect. It works, if you work it!





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