Christina Carlyle | How to Avoid Gaining Weight When you Overeat
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How to Avoid Gaining Weight When you Overeat

How to avoid gaining weight when you overeat Christina-Carlyle

27 Nov How to Avoid Gaining Weight When you Overeat

Happy Thanksgiving!!

The weather has taken a chilly turn here in Florida, which means I’m busting out my boots for the first time this season… for 24 hours. Seriously it was 85 degrees yesterday : ( I’m a big fan of cold weather!! I like fires and being the meat in fluffy blanket burritos. I’m also a huge fan of the holidays. I live for all the cooking and QT with loved ones. I love holiday commercials, too! Isn’t it funny how the mental version of the holidays differs from real life?

If your holiday season is anything like mine, it isn’t 100% effortless, or filled with evergreens, egg nog, and elves. The truth is, we may have to navigate some conflict, like…

• A ton of tempting foods
• Black Friday Blowout Sale Shopping (I personally prefer online shopping to fighting for parking spots and sizes)
• Heated or passive/aggressive conversations and comments as a result of too much alcohol … or not enough!
• Guilt, regret or shame because your holiday didn’t play in person the way you wanted it to in your mind…

How to avoid gaining weight when you overeat Christina-Carlyle

No matter what time of year it is, conflict shows up in our life. Rather than pretend this year is going to be different… Instead of shying away from it, or let it take you to the dark side… Why not take some time to learn how you can protect and respect yourself by controlling the only thing you can control… YOU.

Here is a full list of tips, recipes and tools you’ll need to take control and be that girl this holiday season… The one who makes positive changes and does the right thing, no matter what holiday curveballs are thrown at you… You can dodge them Matrix Style: When you commit, when you have a plan and when you set boundaries.

How to avoid gaining weight when you overeat Christina-Carlyle

Now, I know practice makes perfect, so just in case you fall… I’ll be there to catch you. In today’s episode of CCtv I share 3 simple tips on how you can bounce back quickly and avoid gaining weight every time you overeat. These are the exact same tips I’ll be using, and do use every time I overeat (or drink.) It works, if you work it!

This is a picture of my before and after results, recovering from the cake after my birthday party. : )
I lost 5 pounds.

How to avoid gaining weight when you overeat Christina Carlyle

How to avoid gaining weight when you Overeat

3 Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight When you Overeat

1) Exercise
Burn it to Earn it before you eat with sweaty cardio and weight training. Undo any damage done, with extra minutes (or more sessions) of sweaty cardio.

2) Cut all Starchy Carbs, Sugar, and Salt
Each gram of carbs (complex and simple) will retain up to 3 grams of water. Eliminating carbs and salt reduces water retention. Eating leans proteins, fruits, and veggies will help you pass the remnants of your too-much meal quickly and naturally. Plus, eating clean will help offset your nutritionally void indulgences.

3) Drink Nothing but Water
Water will also help you: pass foods fast, rehydrate, digest protein, and flush toxins.

I hope you have a Happy, Healthy Holiday!! I hope all of the tips I’ve been sharing with you are helping. I also made this full body at home workout for you – just in case your gym is closed. : )  It’s easy, yet effective and you can do this from the comfort of your home.  If I can do this, YOU can do this!!

Practice makes perfect. It works, if you work it!


Heads up, Kitty Cat… these tips are a part of a bigger puzzle. When you have a complete plan, that’s best for you, your body type, lifestyle and goal, you can lose weight a lot faster. A one-sized-fits all diet will fail you every time, because genetically you’re completely unique like a snowflake. When you know the best foods and exercises for your body type you can release fat fast 3 times faster than you could alone, piecing together tips and tricks you’ve picked up over the years. You can learn more getting a custom meal and exercise plan of your own, here.