Christina Carlyle | ‘Healthy’ Recipes Like this Make me Crazy!
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‘Healthy’ Recipes Like this Make me Crazy!


25 Sep ‘Healthy’ Recipes Like this Make me Crazy!

Once upon a time, I was chronically ill. I was on 7 medications – one of which was administered via IV drip… I had to have 2 sinus surgeries within an 11-month period. Not fun! The doctors couldn’t ‘fix me’ so I had to figure it out becoming a nutritionist in the process. That’s how my health career started.

Now I know food is a highly controversial topic and many people have strong views on what you should and shouldn’t eat.Years ago I had my own mis-beliefs about food that were keeping me stuck, chronically ill, unhappy and overweight.

Now that I’m a nutritionist – and I know how to USE food – I know how I can give (my and) your body exactly what it needs so it will release fat while keeping you happy and healthy. I know how easily food can affects your body – and how to easily determine if a food will help you reach – or keep you far away from – your weight loss and wellness goals.

When I see recipes or tips online that don’t really work I go crazy and get a fired up

They make crazy because I know recipes like this truly won’t help anybody get healthy or lose weight. I know a lot of people are making recipes like this – thinking they’re being ‘good’ when really, they’re having the nutrient equivalent of a can of soda or with more carbs and sugar than a fast food hamburger.

Recipes like this make Me Crazy

healthy recipes like this make me crazy christina carlyle
When I found this Recipe on Facebook – I Posted the Following:

Pictures like this make me crazy! This is what happens when someone doesn’t reallllly know what they’re about creates a ‘healthy recipe’ but when you eat it you’re actually setting yourself up to throw your hormones off balance and gain weight.

Sugar isn’t an added ingredient? Bullshit! When your ingredients are sugar – sugar is an added ingredient. Fruits are simple carbs – simple carbs are sugar. Bananas, applesauce, raisins are ALL sugar. 1/2 cup of raisins has 60 grams of sugar. That’s almost as much as 2 cans of Coke. *I’m happy this recipe is saying that’s optional* But, even though these are natural ingredients is this really a healthy snack? Not really.

Pairing simple carbs with complex carbs (the oats) isn’t ideal for health. This nutrient combination is straight up detrimental if you’re trying to lose weight. A better sweet snack that is healthy? Pairing a simple carb like fruit with a protein. The protein helps maximize the metabolism and helps to negate the effects of sugar and will regulate your blood sugar levels, preventing false hunger and sugar cravings. #MindRightBodyTight #absaremadeinthekitchen #nutrition #FitTip #health #WeightLoss #Wellness.  

A lot of people started commenting, either because they were confused or tried to defend the recipe author.

I Got the Following Responses:

Maybe they mean sugar is not an added ingredient, which is what it says, instead of meaning that it has no sugar?

Looks like this recipe makes several servings – hope nobody’s daft enough to eat it all at once and think they’re still “on track”? Maybe that’s what most people do with a recipe like this? Personally, if I really wanted a cookie, I’d just go for the real thing.

Here’s the Deal

When your ingredients are sugar – it contains sugar. As a cookbook author and creator of over 300 unique recipes I can tell this has a maximum of 6 – 8 servings. Giving each cookie the approx. values. *see picture*


You’d be better off eating the real thing – taste wise… but you’d also be exposed to more processed, toxic ingredients. Technically, this recipe is better than the ‘real thing’ because it’s ingredients are less processed… but according to the numbers this ‘healthy’ snack isn’t healthy at all. It’s downright terrible for you.

This recipe contains one of the worst nutrient combinations ever – that actually triggers your hormones to cause cravings. So if you’re the type of person who can eat an itty-bitty cookie and tap out go for it. But 99.999% of people trying to lose weight and improve their health will not experience any health benefits. Baking these ingredients robs them of vitamins and mineral content leaving behind pure sugar.[/vc_column_text]

What you said makes complete and total sense. But sometimes people just want a cookie ya know? Not fruit or something else. Wouldn’t this be a better option than the butter and table sugar cookies you could make and buy?

200 calories per serving seems like a lot to me when you’re eating pure sugar and hardly any fat… guess you could make them tiny and get 12 servings… Then could you just eat ONE and stay “on track”? I like a little more fat in my treats. Much more satisfying.

It Hurts my Heart

It hurts my heart working with people who try and try and can’t lose weight… even though they’re trying everything they can – desperate for results. 99.9% of the time ‘Healthy’ recipes that are actually making their problems worse.

That’s why I said the Recipe was Bullshit. It is!

A ‘healthy’ cookie cannot have over 200 calories, 40 grams of carbs and 24 grams of sugar. I know the author of that recipe wasn’t being malicious – they simply doesn’t know what I know. A lot of people don’t. But, I also know the author doesn’t know how the nutrients in food affect people’s health and wellness. I know, first hand, how detrimental that recipe can be – I used to try them too. They’d make me more ill and fat.

Satisfy your Sweet Tooth, Stay Healthy and Lose Weight with these Nutritionist Approved Tips
  • Natural, non-processed sources of fruits and dairy products are the best options for health and weight loss
  • Always pair a Sugar with a Lean protein
  • Never Ever Pair a Sugar with another Carb or with Fat

Here are some examples of natural simple carbs perfectly paired with proteins and healthy fats.


This Protein Popsicle Recipe is downright delicious – like better than ice cream good.

Next week, I’ll post a delicious recipe that’s perfectly balanced for weight loss, uses natural ingredients and will satisfy your sweet tooth.  In the meantime, be aware of recipes you find online. They typically have as many artificial ingredients and more sugars than a can of soda.

Don’t Want to Wait?

Do you want to find out how to eat yourself happy, healthy and fit? Would you like over 200+ recipes like this one? You can eat your way to abs by getting a copy of my Bestselling Abs are Made in the Kitchen Cookbook on Amazon or iBooks. Find it by searching my name in the Amazon or iBooks marketplaces. It’s on super sale for a limited time.

Practice makes perfect. It works, if you work it!


Christina Carlyle