Christina Carlyle | Fire your Trainer if They Don’t do these 7 Things
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Fire your Trainer if They Don’t do these 7 Things


21 May Fire your Trainer if They Don’t do these 7 Things

I’ll admit sometimes cardio can be a little boring. While doing cardio I like to people watch. I’m not staring in a creepy way either… just sorta scoping out the scene, you know? It’s a great way to get inspired about new exercises to incorporate into your routine, plus it helps pass the time. I’ve done this for a few years, both before, and since becoming a personal trainer.

When I first got started, I used to people watch to learn what to do and thought nothing of it… It was kind of like, monkey see, monkey do. I’d see, then I’d try it, too. But, I never really got the results I wanted or really noticed my body would change. It wasn’t until I became a personal trainer that I first understood how to manipulate exercise to change my body… then other people’s body’s. But, Abs are Made in the Kitchen. When you’re trying to lose weight or get noticeable definition, about 70% of your focus should on nutrition.

Recently, I was at the gym, getting my cardio on, and my iPod died. I still had about 20 minutes left on the timer, so I started playing Where’s Waldo with strangers in the gym. While scanning the gym, I noticed a trainer ‘working out’ his client.

I know a lot of the ladies I’ve worked with have worked with other trainers in the past. Some felt their trainers were good, some felt they were too expensive… others weren’t impressed with their results. (Abs are Made in the Kitchen!!) My whole mission in life is to help people reach their weight loss and wellness goals. So, knowing how my gals feel about their trainers, then watching this trainer ‘workout’ this lady… well, it left me feeling obligated to give you a heads up on 7 things your trainer should do every single time you workout. If your trainer isn’t doing these 7 things, fire them and save your money. Seriously!

Fire Your Trainer if They Don’t Do these 7 Things

1)  Your Trainer Should Do An Initial Assessment with You

This may seem obvious but a lot of trainers skip this step It’s also a great way for you and your trainer to get to know each other a little better. There should be a discussion about your health history, prior injuries and your skill level. Otherwise you could get hurt, aggravate an old injury or worse… I remember the first and only time I ever worked out with a trainer… he had me warm up, by walking 10 minutes on a treadmill, then ran me through one-of-the-most intense workouts I’ve ever done. I hadn’t been in a gym for 3 months prior to the workout and I could barely walk for 5 days afterwards.

2)  Your Trainer Should Ask You What YOUR Goals Are

Your trainer should ask you specifically what your goal(s) and what results you’re looking for. A lot of them don’t take the time to identify your body type, goals and then create a plan that will get you the results YOU want. Often times trainers just put you through a workout… Your trainer’s routine should get you the results you want. It’s completely possible to get a different results if you’re using the wrong amount of weight/resistance for your goal. I know a lot of people who’ve spent hundreds of dollars and never really saw their body’s change. I’ve seen so many people get big, bulky legs and arms… when they wanted to get tight and tiny. Remember, your session is all about you, your body type and transforming you into your goal a session at a time.

3)  Your Trainer Should Make Sure you’re Breathing

Your trainer should be explaining when to inhale and exhale while weight training. If your trainer isn’t making sure you’re exhaling while executing the exercise and inhaling as you’re returning to the starting position… Well, they should be. It’s also important that you’re trainer reminds you to breath. It’s common to want to hold your breath while you’re concentrating on a movement or speed. Make sure you’re not holding yours while you’re working out.

4)  Your Trainer Should do Exercise Demos & Watch You

Your trainer should take the time to demonstrate the exercise you’re about to do, then watch you to make sure you’re using the right form. Proper form is essential for results and also helps prevent injury. It’s not difficult to slip into bad form when squatting or lunging… Loading your lower back with weight instead of your legs… If your low back is strained, say buh-bye bubble butt and hello back pain and/or granny knees.

5)  Your Trainer Should Focus on Exercise, Not Food

Unless your trainer, is certified or licensed as a nutritionist, or sports nutritionist, they shouldn’t be telling you what or how to eat!! Someone with a personal training certification is not legally allowed to discuss specific nutrition or meal plans. Period. It’s actually illegal. Also, Abs are made in the Kitchen! It’s not uncommon to out-eat the calories you’ve burning during your workout. Often times, trainers in gyms are incentivized to sell smoothies, protein bars, shakes, and other products. However, if they don’t understand nutrition they don’t truly know how your body will react to the nutrients… Often times people eat and drink the wrong things for their body types, unknowingly undoing a their workouts with a single drink or snack. It’s not uncommon for a single smoothie or bottle of Gatorade to cancel out the benefits of the workout you’ve done.

6)  Your Trainer Should Do Warm up and Cool Down

Your trainer should set aside up to 10 minutes before – and after – your workout to prep your muscles to workout… then cool them back down, once your workout is over. I’ve seen so many trainers take their trainees from off-the-street to crazy-intense… from zero-to-100 in minutes. Warming up and cooling down is essential for proper form, range of motion, and recovery needed to get results. It also helps prevent injury, soreness, and stiffness.

7)  Your Trainer Should Give You Homework Assignments

A good trainer should suggest or provide a general plan that includes cardio and weight training for you to do until your next session. One session every week or 2 is great. But, if you’re winging-it, clueless, the rest of the week, it can be difficult to maintain the results. A great trainer will teach you all of the above so you’re empowered and educated so that you’re confident and able to train yourself. A not-so-great-trainer, wants you to be dependent.

If your trainer isn’t doing these 7 things properly, then you aren’t getting the best possible bang for your buck, time or body. Your trainer should incorporate all of these steps, into a complete plan that will get you noticeable results quickly. If they aren’t fire your trainer. You deserve better, baby doll!

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What do you think about this list?? Do you agree? Is your trainer stepping up to the plate or are they missing a few steps?  I’d love to hear about your experiences with personal trainers.  Did you get the results you wanted? Were you happy?  Please share you story with a comment below.