Christina Carlyle | How to Get Sexy Leg and Butt – The Best Lower Body Exercises for your Stems
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How to Get Sexy Leg and Butt – The Best Lower Body Exercises for your Stems

sexy stems Easy at home leg and butt lower body workout Christina Carlyle

29 Dec How to Get Sexy Leg and Butt – The Best Lower Body Exercises for your Stems

Do you want to get Sexy Legs and a Bubble Butt?  If you just raised your hand then, giddy up, Kitty Cat!

This post is an easy, yet effective Lower Body workout.  I decided to write this after getting asked – like a million times…

What’s the Best Exercises for Sexy Legs and a Bubble Butt?

If you want to definition in your legs and a boost to your backside, you are in the right place.  I created and easy, easy at home leg and butt workout that will get you the sexy stems you want.  Basically, you need to target every single muscle in your lower body.  There are lots of different muscles in the lower body.

leg muscles EASY AT HOME LEG AND BUTT WORKOUT christina carlyle sexy stems workout

This may seem like a lot of muscles, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to do a lot of exercises.

The good news about the leg/butt muscle groups is that there are lots of exercises that work *most* of them, together, at the same time.  Exercises that work multiple muscles at the same time are called compound exercises.

What are the Best Exercises for the Lower Body and Legs?

Compound exercises – specific to the lower body, (legs and booty) simultaneously target all of the major muscles in the lower body muscle group.  When you work more than one muscle at one time, you will burn more calories, in less time.

It’s also important to included exercises that condition secondary muscles.  If you look at the picture of the muscles in the legs… you’ll see the major (primary) muscle groups listed.  There are also tons of supportive (secondary) muscles, that branch off of the major muscles and connect them to other muscle groups, bones, tendons and ligaments.

Major muscle groups are bigger.  Secondary muscles are smaller.  Think of the major muscle groups like they’re a corset, designed to support your movements…  secondary muscles cinch everything together.  If you want to get sexy legs and a bubble butt, you need to work the major muscles and they’re supportive, secondary muscles, too.

How to Get Sexy Legs and a Bigger Butt

Step 1)  Pick out 4 Compound Exercises that Target the Major Muscles in your Legs and Butt

Doing so, allows you to train more muscles – simultaneously – which also increases your calorie burn while working out anddddd increases your post exercise (workout) oxygen consumption (aka EPOC).  You know how people say working out your muscles continues to burn calories after you workout/increases your metabolism?  That’s actually the simple way of referring to EPOC…  increasing your consuming oxygen is what increases your calorie burn.  Weight training is the only way to increase EPOC.  Compound exercises – working multiple muscles at once – increases your EPOC even more.  #winning

Step 2)  Exploit your Joints to Target Secondary Muscles

Your major muscles are tethered to bones with secondary support muscles.  Exercises require movement.  Joints determine which directions you can move.   You need to target your secondary muscles to tighten your major muscle corset… That means you mean to exploit your joints and exercise in different directions – allowed by said joints.   In your lower body you have 2 types of joints.  Your hip joint and knees/ankles.  Your hip joint it a ball joint.  You can move your legs to the side, front, back, in an arch, etc.

ball socket the best exercises for your legs and butt christina carlyle

Your knee is a hinge joint.  You can only extend your calf forward and backwards.

Hinge Joint best exercises for sexy legs christina carlyle

You need to do exercises that incorporate different movements… to make sure you’re training your accessory muscles, too…  Basically, exploit your joints!

Step 3)  Add an Isolation exercise to Spot Train

Isolation exercises target one muscle group at a time.  Isolation exercise don’t burn as many calories as a compound exercise but… they allow you to target – and spot train an area.  For example, if you have small calves or thighs, that are disproportionate to your body shape… or if you simply want to add a little extra sexy to one area, adding a isolation exercise – or 2 – will help.

Step 4)  Complete 3 sets of Each Exercise

Why 3 sets of each exercise?  2 isn’t enough to build lean muscle or provoke EPOC… and 4 is too many to start.  3 is just right to get results.  Once your body adapts and your results plateau, you can add an extra set, or switch up the exercises.

Step 5)  Enjoy your Sexy Stems

Now that you know how to build a workout… i.e. how to get sexy legs and bubble butt… you’ll understand why I created the following legs and butt workout.  Please note, this is an easy, beginner Leg Workout for sexy stems.  I created it with basic leg and butt exercises that demonstrate different exercises that demonstrate the steps mentioned above.  I also made it so that you can do it anywhere… from home, the gym, a hotel room.

Print out this copy of this Sexy Stems Leg and Butt Lower Body Workout and work it along with me.  Watch me demonstrate the sexy stems exercises for you below.


It works, if you work it!  WORK IT!  YOU’RE WORTH IT!

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