Christina Carlyle | Chest and Triceps Workout for Women
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Chest and Triceps Workout for Women

chest-and-tricep-workout-for-women christina carlyle

08 May Chest and Triceps Workout for Women

This chest and triceps workout is perfect for women who want to win the fight against arm flab. The first step in targeting the ‘bat wing’ area… you know… the flabby part of your arm that giggles when you wave goodbye.

The key to fixing it is targeting both the chest and triceps muscle groups together, at the same time.

chest-and-tricep-workout-for-women-christina Carlyle

A lot of women skip working their chests because they think it’s a guy thing to do… however, if you’re trying to tighten and tone your triceps, it’s important to work the muscles in the chest too because they play a key role and determine part in fighting flab on your arms.

The muscles in the chest branch out and are connected to the muscles in your arms. So when you work them both together you’ll get better results. That’s exactly why I’ve created this Chest and Triceps workout for women.

This workout is made up of a combination of compound chest and triceps isolation exercises that work well together sculpting tiny toned arms… not big bulky muscles like men…

The compound chest exercises in this workout will increase calorie burn, because you’re working more muscles at once. That ensures you’re killing calories (and fat) while sculpting toned, metabolism maximizing muscles. Plus, the chest muscles branch out into the triceps muscle group… meaning you’ll be working secondary muscles that will enhance your results when you targeting the triceps muscles. That’s why I’ve included triceps exercises that exclusively isolate and sculpt the dreaded ‘bat wing’ area into sexy defined arms.

fight-arm-flab and win chest and Tricep workout Christina Carlyle

Women who want to win the fight against arm flab and have tight toned arms should work their chest and triceps at the same time.

Below I demonstrate some easy breezy chest and triceps exercises that make up this complete workout for women. All you need is a stability ball and some dumbbells. You can complete this workout at home or the gym… no waiting for a machine needed score…

Repeat each exercise 15 times to complete one set. Complete 3 full sets to finish your workout. The less time you rest between exercises, the more fat you’ll burn.

Watch me demonstrate the exercises that make up this chest and triceps workout below.

• Wide Pushup – Compound
• Triceps Dip – Isolation
• Chest Press – Compound
• Diamond Pushup – Compound
• Front Arm Raise – Isolation
• Chest Fly – Compound
• Triceps Kickback – Isolation

Get a Printable copy of this workout here.

It works if you work it…

Work it, you’re worth it!