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Woohoo! Welcome to my Video Training Library!

Get the Weight Loss and Wellness Advice, Tips and Help you need with these training videos from my YouTube Channel. I post a new CCtv training video every Thursday.

How to Squat to Save your Spine and Get a Bubble Butt

Fire your Personal Trainer if they Don't do these 7 Things

Sexy Arms: Back & Biceps Workout for Women

At Home Chest and Triceps Workout for Women

Workout without Bulking - How to Choose the Best Weight for your workout

Get Sexy Stems - Leg Workout for Women

A Secret Trainer Trick to Get Abs without Crunches

Floor & Crunch Free Standing Ab Workout Part 1

Floor & Crunch Free Standing Ab Workout Part 2

Floor & Crunch Free Standing Ab Workout Part 3

Tips for Hiring a Personal Trainer

Should I Eat Before or After I Exercise?

Tighten and Tone your Arms with these 5 Triceps Exercises

5 Things Fit People Do Every Time the Exercise

4 Best Exercises to Lose your Love Handles

Fab 4 Full Body Workout

6 Exercises to Tighten and Tone Your Back and Biceps

Tighten &Tone More Muscles + Burn more Calories when you workout

Christina Carlyle's Squat Challenge

How to Find Time to Workout

Even Trainers Hate the Gym Sometimes

Sculpt Sexy Arms - Back and Biceps Workout for Women

Intensity vs. Time - What Burns more Calories

Tighten & Tone your Arms with this Workout

Never Miss a Workout again - How to Find Time to Exercise

Easy 3 Minute Core Stability Ball Workout

Nutrition Info, Recipes, and Fit Tips

How to Avoid Weight Gain + Lose Weight when Injured Part 1

How to Avoid Weight Gain + Lose Weight When Injured Part 2

Skinny JalapeƱo Poppers Low Calorie High Protein Snack

How to Lose Weight without Dieting

The Best Cabbage you've Ever had in your Life

Stress Management to Prevent Weight Gain

Why New Year's Weight Loss Resolutions Don't Last

How to Break through a Plateau and Lose Stubborn Fat

How to Eat Healthy when you Travel

3 Ways to Drink Alcohol & Lose Weight + The Best Brinks

How to Lose Weight Fast Without Dieting

Will Body Wraps Help me Lose Weight?

3 Easy Ways to Measure your Serving Size and Lose Weight Fast

Is Coconut Water Good for you?

How to Tighten, Tone, & Flatten your Stomach After a C Section

How I lost 30 pounds and Kept it off

How to Make Vegetables Taste Good

How to Avoid Gaining Weight when you Quit Smoking

How to Enjoy Eating Healthy Foods

How to Overcome Embarrassment & Insecurity at the Gym

How to End Emotional Eating

Help! I gained 5 pound in a day! 7 reasons Why and How to Fix it

How to End Emotional Drinking

How to Stay Motivated When Life Kicks you in the Crotch

Lose 3 pounds in 24 hours Part 2 - Powerful Weight Loss Cleanse

5 Healthy Deviled Egg and Egg Salad Recipes

How to Lose 3 Pounds in a Day - Part 1

How to Lose 3 pounds in Day - Part 2

Should I try ViSalus? Will I lose weight?

4 ways to Tell if a Carb is Good or Bad for Weight Loss

Tips to Create your Own Workout from a Trainer

Why you Should Never Use the BMI

Same Diet but She Lost more Weight - Here's Why

How to Maximize your Metabolism in Minutes at Breakfast

How to Lose Baby Weight

Why you Gain Weight even though you Diet and Exercise

Is Greek Yogurt Good for You? For Weight Loss?

I Don't Like Water... Can I Drink Tea or Vitamin Water Instead?

7 Ways to Stop Cheating on Your Diet

How People Self Sabotage their Weight Loss

How to Get Motivated to Workout & Eat Healthy

How to Build Muscle & Gain Weight Naturally for Women

How to Stop a Sugar Craving Fast

How to Snap yourself out of a bad mood in 15 minutes or less

4 Ways Coffee Can Make you Fat and Unhealthy

How to Clean Your Plate and Still Lose Weight

The Top 10 People to Avoid if You're Trying to Lose Weight