Christina Carlyle | Arm Workout for Women – 6 Back and Bicep Exercises to Get Sexy Arms and Back
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Arm Workout for Women – 6 Back and Bicep Exercises to Get Sexy Arms and Back

arm-workout-for-women-back-and-biceps-exercises-christina carlyle

15 May Arm Workout for Women – 6 Back and Bicep Exercises to Get Sexy Arms and Back

Women Arm Workout for Sexy arms and back

Woot Woot! This is a back and biceps workout to bring sexy back to your arms and back… I made this workout (specifically) for women with instructions for ladies who want to workout their arms but not get bulky. Guys can do this too! See instructions below…

These sweet moves are perfectly paired together working the biceps and back muscle groups strategically so that you’ll see defined sexy muscles and get stronger without bulking up. Tight tiny lean muscles will boost your calorie burn after your workout stops.

I’ve also created it so that you can do this anywhere… home, the gym, a hotel room.

Before you start:

  • Begin with a 5-minute warm-up of light cardio (jumping jacks, take a walk…) then perform each exercise 15 times.
  • Choose a weight that allows you to finish each set with good form. The last rep should be very difficult, but not impossible.
  • Ladies: Choose a lighter weight and do each exercise 15 to 20 times.
  • Gentlemen (of ladies who’d like more muscle mass and strength): Choose a heavier weight and do each exercise 10 to 12 times.

This Complete Arm Workout for Women includes 6 exercises that strategically targets every muscle group in your Biceps and Back.

arm-workout-for-women-back-and-biceps-exercises-christina carlyle

Rock this workout for Sexy Arms and Back

  • Repeat each exercise 15 times *each* to complete 1 set.
  • Perform 3 sets to complete your Workout.

Get your Printable Copy of this Back and Bicep Workout.

See me demonstrate the Sexy Arm and Back Exercises

It works it you work it!   So work it, YOU’RE WORTH IT!

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