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All About Me...If You Really Want To Know

My Weight Loss Journey Still kinda blows my Mind and I’ll tell you why…

Once upon a time, I was chronically unhappy, unhealthy and overweight.  I was always seemed to be sad and sick.  I’d go to the doctor’s office and they’d write me a prescription and hustle me out the door.   Nothing I did ever seemed to work.  At 24 years old I was on 7 different prescriptions, had had heart surgery and 2 sinus surgeries, and was the heaviest I’d ever weighed in my life.

I didn’t know anything about nutrition or exercise.  I’d diet but I’d struggle.  I’d workout… a lot… but it didn’t work.  Even though I was doing ‘everything’ right, I couldn’t ever get the results I wanted.  Sometimes I’d lose a little weight… but it’d come right back.  Other times I’d gain weight, or get bulky.  I knew I had to ‘eat healthy’ and exercise… but I had a Devil on my shoulder seducing me to eat brownies, Wheat Thins, cookies, cake and cheese.  WTF is wrong with me?!


I believed there had to be a better way to live.  A way I could get Happy, Healthy and Fit.  A way to get my Mind Right and Body Tight.

Christina Carlyle before picture

How can I Lose Weight without Giving up my Favorite Foods?
I wanted to be able to eat, guilt free.  I didn’t want to ‘diet’ anymore. Diets suck! As a fat girl, I was a foodie. Diets were always too tough, too restrictive, to boring. I didn’t want to suck on a piece of lettuce while everyone else was eating pizza.


But, what about exercise?  I knew it was ‘good’ for me.  Some days I’d love it.  I was motivated, working out and feeling great.  Then next day… it seems like torture.  When I came time to grab my keys as go, I could think of a million better things to do and excuses were so easy to make.  I’m too busy, too tired, I don’t have enough time, I’ll miss my favorite show…


What Makes Someone Want to Workout?
That question became my next obsession.  How can you go from dreading exercise to wanting to?  How can you stop the love/hate relationship with the gym and take action even when you can think of a million better things to do… There had to be a way to get motivated to workout no matter what(!) To be able to eliminate excuses and actually want to workout… To make exercise easier and get better results, faster. To be able to get in, get it over with and see the number on the scale drop, instead of stay the same.


How can I Finally(!) get my Mind Right and Body Tight?!


Answering These Questions Became my Obsession
There wasn’t 1 person, 1 book, 1 program that could tell me how… So I went all-out-obsessed on a mission trying to figure it out. Back in 2004, I made it my personal mission to figure out how I could get my mind right and body tight.  It took thousands of hours (and dollars!!) and hundreds of books to learn it all. I lost over 30 pounds and became a nutritionist, trainer and earned 4 certification, and became an author in the process. But I did it.  I found out there is a way to Have your Cake…  and Eat it, too!  The solution?  Mind Right, Body Tight!®

Christina Carlyle before and after weight loss

How my Weight Loss Career Started

My fitness career sort of just happened, but I didn’t plan it that way.  I just wanted to find a way I could eat like a fat girl and do the absolute least amount exercise possible, but look like Britney Spears… specifically the I’m-a-Slave-for-You Britney.


But, when you lose 30+ pounds people take notice…  The same ladies I’d see in the gym saw my transformation… and they started asking me how I did it.  So I’d tell  them.  Do this, don’t do that… do you ever feel like this?  Oh, you get bulky, too?  Okay, stop eating this and do this exercise instead…


It didn’t seem to matter who they were or what they wanted… (women, men, young, young-at-heart, tall, short, thick, thin…) People everywhere were able to use my program to look and feel better than they had in years!  Slowly but surely, their friend’s asked them how they did it, they’d send them to me.


“I have a sister in Ohio that needs you!” Eventually, I had so many people calling me that I stopped training in the gym, and started doing coaching calls full time. They all said my style was different. That I was different… that I made it ‘do-able’ and got them real-deal results. Every single time my tribe suggested something, I’d do it. They needed recipes… I’d write them. They wanted at-home workouts… I’d write them… They wanted me to make YouTube videos… I’d make them. “You should write this stuff down.”


I’d had the book-writing fantasy before but never really persued it… until I ran into an old my bff in high school at the grocery store. I had lost touch with her, but we used to be really really close. She used to be my ultimate partner-in-crime. I was literally jumping up and down, that-excited to see her!! I had been about 7 years since I had last seen her.  She did a double take and couldn’t believe it was me. (That’s an epic feeling by the way) We chit-chatted for a few and got together later that week to formally catch up at her house.


I guess she told her daughter I was into health and fitness because before I barely got a knock on the door before her daughter, Maria answered the door. And before I could open my mouth she said – and I quote, “You’re a trainer now? Help me! I’m so fat.” I just stood there looking at this sweet 11 year old girl… Who was a 00 in Hollister jeans by the way… It was like seeing my 11 year-old-self in the mirror.


That’s when I realized every single person I had been working had their own 11 year old inside of them. I realized, that if I could help the parents, they could teach their kids and – maybe, just maybe – together, we could stop the cycle from starting and spare them from years of feeling frustration, disappointment and shame in their own skin and on the scale. That night, I started writing my program. The next day, I turned in my 2 week resignation and dedicated my life to helping people make peace in their skin and on the scale. That night, I started writing my program and dedicated it her, and all of the other little girls of the world, who think they’re not good enough because they don’t like the number they see on the scale. The girls, who try and try, but just can’t seem to stick with it. Let me be clear. It’s NOT your fault. There is NOTHING wrong with you.

You never had anyone teach you the right way to lose weight. I will.


Since becoming a nutritionist and trainer full time, I’ve taught thousands of people, just like you, how to make peace with food, exercise and the scale so they can be the happiest, healthiest, most fit version of themselves. Every single time I get a call, text or email from someone telling me they lost weight… How they feel when stepped on the scale and (finally!) see their number… when they’ tell me they did a happy dance when the dress fit… every single time they cry happy tears… I get to happy dance and cry happy tears again, too. Happy dancing is addictive! It gives me a sense of accomplishment and pride like no other job in the world. I love it. I live for it. I’m flat out obsessed with it.

Mind Right, Body Tight®

Christina Carlyle before and after weight loss picture

My Approach to Weight Loss is Different

I know you don’t like dieting because you don’t want to give up your favorite foods. I know you have a love/hate relationship with the Gym.  I know you’re piecing together tips and tricks you’ve picked up over the years… trying to make it work, but you’re not getting you the results you deserve!  I know why you’re struggling to get motivated and stay motivated.  I know how you feel when you step on the scale and don’t see the number you want.  It’s sucks, doesn’t it?


I get it.  I know just want to get it right and get it tight.  I also know you have a million things going on.  It’s very important that you like what you’re doing and get the results you want.  That’s why I make my approach to weight loss simple, easy and as effective as humanly possible.  I can get you real results, really fast because I eliminate anything standing between you and your goal.  You’ll know exactly how to eat and exercise in an easy-to-do, want-to-do way, that’s best for you, so you’ll stick with it.  Say goodbye to frustration and say hello to the new more confident, secure, slimmer version of you, that’s struts in her skinny jeans.


I know you’ve tried different diets and exercise programs but didn’t get the results you want… That’s because a lot of people in the weight loss industry want you to stay stuck… so you have to keep coming back to buy more stuff. I’m different. I want to empower you with the information you need. When you know exactly what to do, how to do it, why you’re doing it, and how to make it work so you get the results you want… magic happens. You lose weight! You smile and feel confident every time you step on the scale!   From experience, I can honestly say, it is one of the most amazing feelings in the world!  I want that for you,too. Everything I teach or say is proven. I can back it up with studies, science and facts. Plus, every thing I do I test on myself first… I’ve been my own Skinny Pig for years. I Talk the Talk and I Walk the Walk. I guarantee everything I teach works, when you work it. So work it, YOU’RE WORTH IT.



Your Coach and Biggest Cheerleader

Christina Carlyle Before and After weight loss picture

Christina Carlyle

Fun facts about me:

      • I’m all out addicted to Real Housewives.  It’s the only TV I ever watch.  It’s my Football.
      • I had heart surgery when I was 15 years old.  I had Wolfe Parkinson White Syndrome and my heart rate would jump from 80 beats a minute to 480 beats a minute.  There was a 30% chance I could die every time it happened… and it happened All. The. Time.
      • I grew up in a teeny tiny town in Pennsylvania.  Seriously small. The last time I went back home my elementary school had a Re-Max sign in the front lawn!
      • I’m a sassy lil mix of German, Austria, and American Indian.
      • I seriously suck at playing instruments and understanding taxes.
      • I firmly believe in astrology… I’m a Scorpio and one of the most loyal people you will ever meet.
      • I eat 70% organic vegetables, 20% meat, with 10% dedicated to vodka and goat cheese.