Christina Carlyle | 9 ways to Enjoy Exercise and Get Motivated to Workout
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9 ways to Enjoy Exercise and Get Motivated to Workout

9-ways-to-Enjoy-Exercise-and-Get-Motivated-to-Workout christina carlyle

17 Nov 9 ways to Enjoy Exercise and Get Motivated to Workout

Are you the type of person who hates to exercise?  You’re not alone!   If you struggle to get motivated to workout, I’ve got your back!  The trick to getting motivated to workout is to want to… and why do people want to workout?  Because on some level they enjoy it.  If you’re the kind of person that knows exercise is good for you, you know you should do it, but you can think of a million better things to do try these tricks to boost the like factor when you workout.

Here are 9 easy ways to Enjoy Exercise and Get Motivated to Workout. They’re easy breezy ways to turn dreaded exercise from an eye rolling annoyance into an enjoyable experience.

9 Ways to Enjoy Exercise and Get Motivated to Workout

Take a Class

Try Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Step Aerobics, or spinning.  Classes are great because you’re not alone, you don’t have to guess about what you should do, plus you get expert guidance with a group of people just like you.  It’s a great way to workout in a social way and connect with new, like-minded people, trying to be healthy.


Doing cardio like riding a bike, the elliptical or walking on a treadmill is a great opportunity to multitask or distract yourself while you workout.  Combine low intensity cardio with a good book, magazine, or study materials.  You can watch TV or play a game on your phone, too.

Get Competitive

Sign up for a contest, race, weight loss challenge.  Having a goal, with a competitive edge is a great motivator.  It’s no longer about losing a few pounds, but rather accomplishing something much larger.  Competitive events are a great way to get healthy, motivated, and connect with others.

Dress Up

Wear something that makes you feel good about yourself when you exercise – a cute top, cool sneakers, etc.  Use reaching a weight loss milestone with a self-love present is motivating too!  For every 5 pounds lost, treat yourself to a new outfit, massage or something special that means something to you.

Make it Meaningful

You may find it’s easier to exercise if there’s a purpose to it. I don’t run on a treadmill, instead, run to the grocery store to buy one small item or ride my bike to the store.  Think of my exercise time as “ME” time.  Treat each session like any other appointment in my day.  Don’t do it for anyone else’s benefit, only your own.

Workout from Home

Get some different workout DVDs and do them in your living room – you can dance one night, then Zumba then next.  Have your friends over and power walk when you’re done and laugh about how funny you all looked until you mastered the steps.

Switch it Up!

If you do cardio, try a different machine every day.  If you walk outdoors take different routes each time you walk. That way you’ll have something new to look at when you’re walking.

Fun Fitness

You don’t have to ‘exercise.’  Just find an activity that you enjoy – maybe dancing?  The more you start to move the more you’re going to want to move.  It may sound silly but it’s true.  Start small and just add a little more movement each week.  Also, weight lifting can be very empowering. You just may like it.

Jam Out

Distract yourself with your favorite music!  Load your MP3 player with your favorite motivating songs that:  make you happy, envoke booty shaking, and/or want to fist pump.  Good music is a great distraction!  Each song will take you to a different place and add some pep in your step during cardio!

If you figure that one song is roughly 4-5 minutes, then in a 30-minute workout, you will have listened to 6-7 of your favorite songs.  If you’ve ever been to the gym and forgot your iPod you know what I’m talking about!

9-ways-to-Enjoy-Exercise-and-Get-Motivated-to-Workout christina carlyle

It works, if you work it!

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