Christina Carlyle | 3 Easy ways to Make Healthy Meals in Minutes
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3 Easy ways to Make Healthy Meals in Minutes


06 Nov 3 Easy ways to Make Healthy Meals in Minutes

*Howdy, Y’all* in my Paula Deen Voice… There are a few things that people wanting to lose weight tend to have in common…especially during the holiday season:

1) They’re busy
2) They love good food
3) If something doesn’t work for their lifestyle or taste buds… they won’t stick with it

For example…

I have a friend named, Heather. I love Heather! She has the uncanny ability to make me laugh, no matter what. Heather has 4 kids and runs her own insurance business… she’s always really busy with family and work events. Right now, it’s open enrollment season, so I only get to see her like, once a month if I’m lucky… The last time we spoke, she was considering a pre-made meal delivery service, but it’s crazy expensive for a family of 6, picky eaters… plus, she loves soul food, anything southern style that’s fried or has butter. Heather wanted to know the easiest way to get healthy meals because she simply doesn’t have time to cook every day… but she wants to be able to feed her family healthy meals, like right, now. Basically, she wants the skinny version of Paula Deen… hence the Paula Deen voice.

Then there’s Stephanie…

I’m working with a gal named, Stephanie. Stephanie works, full-time in sales, she’s always in her car. She’s an instant gratification kinda-gal… and when her sales meetings don’t go as hoped, she feels stressed and disappointed, financially, personally and professionally. Stephanie doesn’t like to cook. She’d rather hit a drive-thru than then throw down… Every time, she loses a sale, she wants to supersize it… but she wants to lose those last 20 pounds…[/vc_column_text]

]Then there’s me… I’m a nutritionist and trainer. I’m always making custom weight loss programs, blog posts, recipes, or training videos. I’m single, don’t have kids, and I like to cook. The thing with me is, I like eating out… and I don’t like cooking… Every. Single. Meal. Every. Single. Time. I’m always either away from home, or at home… running around or in my office tethered to my computer. When I’m hungry I want to eat… Because I know the longer I wait, the more likely it is I’m going to cheat or overeat. I don’t have any excuses, because I know better.


Here’s the Deal:

• Restaurants use a lot of salt, sugar, butter and oil
• Dining out Causes Portion Distortion
• Fast food is FAST because they Meal Prep

The easiest way to eat lose weight is to have lots of pre-made, healthy options readily available.   Meal prepping is the best way to have the healthy foods you need to stay on track, when you’re busy, stressed and stretched thin… especially during the holidays!  Busy celebrities pay hundreds of dollars a week to have done-for-you healthy meals delivered to them…


You can create your own healthy meals in minutes, using the tips found in today’s episode of CCtv. It’s really very simple, if you’re willing to take a few moments to learn the 3 simple ways you can have Healthy fast food. You can meal-prep like a celebrity chef with these easy tips.


3 Easy ways to Make Healthy Meals in Minutes

Step 1: Buy Done-for-You Basics

The easiest things to do is buy, pre-cooked and pre-prepped foods that are already, ready already… Think frozen vegetables, shrimp, beef, chicken. There’s usually a choice between strips or whole pieces. I recommend strips. They’re more versatile and tend to be more juicy. Speaking of juicy… you can’t go wrong with a Rotisserie Chicken from your grocery store’s deli. Another easy way to have a pre-cooked meal, is to go out to dinner. Simply cut your portions in half, then box the rest and take it home with you. Please note, fresh (never frozen) ingredients are the best and healthiest choices for weight loss. You can also buy pre-prepped vegetables and fruits like onions, peppers, tomatoes, watermelon, and pineapple. They come clean, diced, chopped and cubed, and ready to eat. Fresh, done-for-you fruits and vegetables tend to be pricier, too.

This is why I recommend, cooking and prepping your own ingredients and meals in bulk. You’re going to be cooking anyway, so it’s uber-easy, to make extra servings you’ll be able to use within the next 3 days. Why three? Any more than 3 days in the fridge and pre-cooked foods start to turn into a fear factor challenge.

Step 2: Cook and Prep Basics in Bulk

When you have premade basics readily available, it’s easy to layer them together to create meals. If you don’t want to buy don’t-for-you foods that are already cooked and prepped, you can do it yourself. All you have to do is cook and prepare multiple servings at once, so you can easily pair them together to make a meal in minutes. It’s also advantageous to wash, prep and cut fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, like lettuce for salads, broccoli, beans, peppers, onions, mushrooms, carrots, celery, fruit, garlic, etc.

The easiest and best things to prepare in bulk are:

Egg Muffins
Protein Pancakes
Meat like, chicken, turkey, beef, fish and pork
Fruits and Vegetables
Protein Popsicles


FitTip: Get your Family involved with the prep process

These easy Egg Muffin and Clean Protein pancake recipes are easy to make in bulk in advance…plus, you can pull them from the fridge and turn them into a healthy, complete meal in minutes.


If you eat at a restaurant, you can easily ‘meal prep’ too. Restaurants meals always have multiple servings on a plate and it’s easy to overeat, because there is portion distortion. Cut your restaurant meal in half, then box the rest to take home. Voila! Your lunch lunch the next has been ‘cooked and prepped’ for you.

Now you have 2 options. You can cook on-demand, and make a meal in minutes, with the basics you’ve prepped – or you can, pre-package meals together, TV dinner style.

Using fresh foods works best if you want an already-ready-already type of meal, which you’d leave in your refrigerator.  This works well, say, if you’re making your breakfast or lunches for the next day(s).  If you choose to use frozen vegetables or proteins, leave them frozen, they’ll thaw out in the fridge. I don’t recommend thawing frozen foods to prep, only to freeze them again… they can get funky that way.

Step 3: Pre-Package your Meals

The goal is to create perfectly pre-portioned, tasty, clean meals.You can use both to make your own pre-made, packaged meals. Think of this like you’re making your own version of a Lean Cuisine or a Healthy Choice type of meal. Choose your favorite combinations of leans proteins, complex carbs, and vegetables. You can use whatever kinds you’d like. Whatever you decide, you’ll need to keep your servings of vegetable and carbs/proteins to a 2 to 1 ratio. (Proteins and carbs servings should be the same size.)

You’ll also need: Measuring cups, a food scale (optional), Tupperware, pre-made sauces, herbs and spices.  Measure out servings of protein, carb and vegetables, using the right serving sizes.  Add the vegetables and proteins into different tightly-sealed Tupperware containers, however you’d like.  It’s easy to do for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Before you Cook – or take – your premade meal, add some flavor first. Try a different low calorie, low sugar sauces and toppings like mustard, salsa, hot sauce, parmesan cheese, teriyaki sauce, hot sauce, seasonings like pepper, basil, garlic etc. to tailor them to your tastes… For lunch, just take a container with you to work. If your office has a fridge, you won’t need to bring an ice pack… cause they’re already frozen. Just leave them in the fridge at work and pop them in the microwave for a few minutes. The same goes if you want a healthy meal for a party or between events. It’s a lot easier resisting temptation at a party when you have your own healthy, meal ready to go.

Easy breezy.

You CAN do this!!

Your Biggest Cheerleader : )


Heads up, Kitty Cat… these tips are a part of a bigger puzzle. When you have a complete plan, that’s best for you, your body type, lifestyle and goal, you can lose weight a lot faster. A one-sized-fits all diet will fail you every time, because genetically you’re completely unique like a snowflake. When you know the best foods and exercises for your body type you can release fat fast 3 times faster than you could alone, piecing together tips and tricks you’ve picked up over the years. You can learn more getting a custom meal and exercise plan of your own, here.